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Clean with Aircraft shampoo 2 in 1 and seal your airplane or helicopter fleet in a single pass.

Aircraft Shampoo is suitable for cleaning and servicing aircrafts in any climatic zones. As this neutral tenside-containing detergent was developed in consideration of the temperature difference it not only cleans surfaces from any contaminations but also protects the outer material layer against further contamination.

It is best suited for the removal of insignificant organic contaminations from inner and outer aircraft surfaces. For the thorough removal of contaminations from the outer surface it is recommended to use spray installations or high-pressure washers. At the removal of contaminations from inner surfaces, for example in passenger aircrafts, the cleaning periodicity shall be significantly reduced as the polymer coating on the outer surfaces prevents the penetration of contaminating particles into the pit structure.

Besides, the particles of Aircraft Shampoo concentrate repulse the contaminating particles and consequently significantly improve the hygiene of a galley and toilets.

That is the application field of our Permanon Aircraft product!

Vulnerable outer and inner surfaces of airplanes and helicopters include: 

- outer shell impacted by 
  temperature fluctuations;
- propeller and turbines;
- chassis and mechanic knots;
- cockpit and boarding galleys;
- luggage racks and sluice gates
- lightning, ventilation and trolleys
- monitors in seat-backs and 
- pushbuttons;
- aircraft toilets;
- baby changing rooms
- armrests;
- overhead luggage 
  compartments etc.
Owing to bacteriostatic properties, Permanon Aircraft Cleaner increases general hygiene status and considerably reduces periodicity of further cleaning procedures.

Wings surface protection ensures long-term water repellence. Permanon Aircraft Cleaner was developed with regard to temperature fluctuations during the aircraft operation. 

Ease to Use Product

Method of Application:
Apply or spray on a previously fat-free cleaned surface a 5% (1:20) solution of Permanon Aircraft. Subsequently remove the Permanon Aircraft excess through rinsing, and dry afterwards. You don’t have to wait for any chemical reaction to take place nor finish the surface. As you can see the method of application of our product is much easier if compared with those of competing products. Permanon Aircraft makes it so easy to obtain perfect look of a surface and ensures 80% less time spent on the next cleaning procedure/surface maintenance.

Konzentrat 100%

• 2% - 5%. for the first application
• 2% - 3% for further applications

• Once prepared the solution shall be used within 3 weeks
• 1 litre of concentrated product gives you   50 litres of ready-to-use cleaner if used at a concentration of 2%

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