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Allround Product Range

Unique Advantages 

  • Instantaneous single layer application, fast and easy, no drying time.
  • No masks or breathing apparatuses, non toxic, non-inammable,
    solvent-free and completely biodegradable.
  • Products suited for all solid surfaces.
  • Major increase in shine on all surfaces.
  • Hygiene status is clearly improved, which has been repeatedly
    confirmed through regular examinations by independent
    bacteriological institutes.
  • A time saving of ca. 5 to 7 minutes per room is established so
    that a person cleaning 15 rooms per day saves ca. 1 to 1.5 hours time
    in cleaning.
  • Less chemicals needed -leading to cost savings of up to 30%.
  • Sensitive surfaces are conserved.

Areas to protect with Allround Products

For all interior and exterior surfaces, including;

  • floors
  • walls
  • railings
  • windows etc.

For all room, bathroom and kitchen surfaces including

  • sinks
  • taps
  • porcelain
  • stainless steel
  • mirrors
  • polished marble
  • bronze
  • gold
  • tables and benchtops
  • leather
  • glass
  • steel
  • painted surfaces.
  • plates and dinnerware

News & Events

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