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"Permanon Car Supershine in a revolutionary Nano-Technology product that is made in Germany and increasingly being known as a benchmark for car care."

The Car Supershine concentrated product was specifically designed to protect your vehicle against all environmental factors and provide a proper shiny look to any type of your vehicle whether it is new or old, a sport car or an SUV, a limousine or an economy car. 

Car Supershine ensures protection of your precious vehicle from further contaminations.

Car Supershine can also be used at various automotive service stations such as:

 - car washes, 
 - fuel stations, 
 - car-care centres, 
 - car rentals, etc.

Major advantages of Car Supershine are as follows:

- Highly efficient concentrated 
  product (solvable in water);
- Biological decomposition at 
  a 96% rate (green product); 
- No need for frequent retreatment;
- Low-cost and short-time 
- Resistant against ultra violet
  (UV) light exposure;
- Corrosion protection;
- Resistant against salts 
  and melt water in wintertime
- Cabriolet folding fabric roof 
- Non-toxic (does not contain 
A vehicle surface previously treated with Car Supershine composition is much easier to be protected against such kinds of contamination as brake dust, insect/bird droppings, tree resin, residues of combustion, burnt deposits, oils and hardened fats, fuel residues, etc.
Konzentrat 100%   ready to use 5%

Ease to Use Product

Method of Application:
Apply or spray on a previously fat-free cleaned surface a 10% (1:10) solution of Permanon Car. Subsequently remove the Permanon Car excess through rinsing, and dry afterwards. You don’t have to wait for any chemical reaction to take place nor finish the surface. 

As you can see the method of application of our product is much easier if compared with those of competing products. Permanon makes it so easy to obtain perfect look of a surface and ensures 80% less time spent on the next cleaning procedure/surface maintenance.

• 20%. for the first application
• 10% for further applications

• Once prepared the solution shall be used within 3 weeks
• 1 litre of concentrated product gives you 10 litres of 
   ready-to-use cleaner if used at a concentration of 10%


Permanon Car Supershine Brochure Page 1
Permanon Car Supershine Brochure Page 2
Reference Sublime Detail
Reference Hako Industries


Clean and protect in 15 mins, it is as easy as that!




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