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Permanon special cleaners are leading-edge products for removal of severe contamination from surfaces to produce the highest possible quality results. These products meet all the specified environmental and "green" requirements and boast some  other advantages, namely superior surface pre-cleaning, protection from further contaminations and superior finish and gloss.

Special cleaners are as a rule divided into two groups: products for removal of persistent organic contamination (e.g. oil, grease, tar, glue etc.) and nonorganic contaminations (lime scale, salts, urine scale), or by chemical composition into acidic and caustic products.
All special cleaners are capable of removing the most persistent contaminating agents from capillaries of the material surface structure for the purpose of further applying Permanon Supershine products  in order to create a protective coating.

PS Universal Cleaning Paste (PS Paste) is best suited for the surfaces that are not coated or have never been coated before and Permanon Sanides is used for removal of urine and lime scale.
High effectiveness of special cleaner concentrates results in cost savings and increases the interval between cleaning procedures. Thus, owing to the special properties of our special cleaners, the surfaces that used to need regular cleaning and treatment now require much less effort.

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