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With Permanon Diamond Supershine you can seal your surface against dirt and it shines like new. 

In almost all areas of sealings Supershine solution can be used, it is enough to have a clean, grease-free surface. The sophisticated and balanced concentrate produces a good adherence on the material. It contains silicium and water-based polymers.
By covering and sealing the capilar structure, the surface becomes smoother and dirt particles cannot accumulate like previously on the rough surface.

There is no alcohol used as a carrier, and the product does not contain any fluorsilanes or chemical silicone oils as solvents. Our Diamond Supershine is non-toxic. The surface of polymers network electrostatically adhering to the surface and form a protective film. By sealing the capillary structure the surface becomes smoother and it does not accumulate dirt like before with a rough surface. 

The future is heretransparent and reflective surfaces can be cleaned without streaks thanks to Permanon Diamond.

The dual function of all Permanon Shampoos lies in cleaning and protecting surfaces. Due to the simultaneous sealing of the surface, the object receives a special value-sustaining care.

Since the concentrate can be used in a very economical and efficient manner, costs can be saved in the mainteance process. Areas that previously had to be cleaned repeatedly, now can be treated more economically thanks to our product.  
All surfaces, including glass and mostly transparent materials can be treated with Permanon Diamond. The development of Permanon Diamond improves the properties of previous Permanon products and shows our continuous commitment to continuous innovations in surface protection.


Permanon Diamond demonstrates its outstanding features in the following areas:

- Private households with Glass
- Building management
- Glass and mirrors
- Industry and Robotics
- Street and water vehicles 
- Fitness equipment
- Automation systems
- Machinery maintenance
- Surgical tools
- Restaurants and Hotels
- Schools and authorities
- Cash register areas and 
- Sunbeds
- Eyeglasses and hearing aids
- Prostheses and plastic wraps

Fast and thorough application made easy

Dab or spray a 5% (1:20) solution on the surface to be protected. It must have been cleaned thoroughly and fat-free before. Remove excess cleaner afterwards, rinse or dry. No reaction time required, and the product need not be rubbed on or polished. This is a much simpler application than what is required for competitor products. You will receive a protective, glossy effect. Also, follow-up maintenance/cleaning will be simplified by up to 80%. 

• For the first application, 2% - 5%. 
• For a brush-up a 2% - 3% concentration will be sufficient.

Please note:
• The mixture will keep for ca. 3 weeks.
• 1 liter of the concentrate will yield ca. 50 liters of the ready-to-use solution with a concentration of 2%.

concentrate 100%

Diamond Supershine 100ml

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