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The invisible protective coatings for glass and mirror surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Permanon Glass is the innovative double-purpose product with a thoroughly chosen solution.

This cleaner cleans and applies a protective layer on glass and mirror surfaces. The protective layer applied on glass, mirror and painted surfaces or special steel surfaces deeply penetrates into pores and pits preventing large particles of contaminants from sticking tightly to the surface.

And therefore there is no need in a regular re-cleaning, which minimizes costs and facilitates the process. A weak cleaning solution, one of the Permanon Glass compounds fosters transparency improvement. Besides, Permanon Glass not only helps protect the surface, but improves the worked material quality. 

Multi-purpose Permanon Glass products areused in:

- Foyer premises;
- Shop-windows;
- Television sets and monitors;
- Reception in hotels and offices;
- Dance, ballet and yoga studios;
- Cleaning companies.


    ready to use 5%

Ease to Use Product

Method of Application:
Apply or spray on a previously fat-free cleaned surface a 5% (1:20) solution of Permanon Supershine. Subsequently remove the Permanon Glass excess through rinsing, and dry afterwards. You don’t have to wait for any chemical reaction to take place nor finish the surface. 

As you can see the method of application of our product is much easier if compared with those of competing products. Permanon Glass makes it so easy to obtain perfect look of a surface and ensures 80% less time spent on the next cleaning procedure/surface maintenance.

• 2% - 5%. for the first application
• 2% - 3% for further applications

• Once prepared the solution shall be used within 3 weeks
• 1 litre of concentrated product gives you 50 litres of 
   ready-to-use cleaner if used at a concentration of 2%

Our Glass Feedback:

tilse form glas
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