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Hecta special cleaner is best suited for removing of persistent contaminations (oil, gasoline, motor fuel or algae).


This strong alkaline cleaner is used for removing the most persistent organic contaminations. Permanon Hecta is
able to cope with problems which cannot be solved by using other mass market cleaners and due to its
environmentally friendly nature, Hecta sets new standards for cleaning products.

The composition of Permanon Hecta has been developed with the cleaning of outer surfaces of motors, gear
boxes, cylinder banks and other mechanical devices in mind. Nevertheless, it can be effectively used in large
kitchens, inns and hotels for cleaning of grease and other organic contaminated surfaces.

Due to its all round properties, Permanon Hecta finds application in various segments of industry and business
where the cleaning of organic contaminants is needed. Permanon Hecta can also be used in spraying apparatus
and high pressure cleaning machines.


Hecta 1litre $49.50 AUD


Multiple Use of Hecta special cleaner::
- Boats and yachts;
- Petrol stations;
- Motor cleaning;
- Building management;
- Industry;
- Cities and municipal districts;
- Inns;
- Hotels;
- Kitchens;
- etc.

Hecta cleaner is best suited for removing of the following
types of contaminations:

- Lubricating materials;
- Hardened waste oil;
- Gasoline;
- Fuel gum;
- Motor fuel and fuel oil residue;
- Moss and algae deposits;
- Any kinds of grease and oil.

Easy to Use Product

Method of Application:
The concentration of the ready-to-use solution depends on the contamination level. concentrate 100%

In case of persistent contaminations the recommended concentration lies in the range of 1:10 and 1:50.

Apply the water solution to a damp sponge or brush and rub the dirty surface with a circular motion. The solution can also be laid on by using a spraying apparatus. When cleaning an engine or removing oil / motor fuel deposits wait approximately 5 minutes (reaction time) and rinse the surface with plenty of water or wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Hekta cleaner is also suited for use in high pressure cleaning machines.




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