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Permanon cleaning products contain highly protective, extremely easy to apply coatings. Permanon coatings allow dirt to be cleaned off much faster (up to 50% faster), easier and effectively resulting in considerably cleaner and perfect end results!

Such as a complete absence of dirt after cleaning, doubling the reduction of surface levels of bacteria, and impeding the return of bacteria to surfaces! Hygiene status is clearly improved, which was confirmed by regular examinations of an independent institute. 

With Permanon Medicare products, you can expect;

            1. Time savings up to 50% after Permanon applied to surfaces.

            2. Optically better impression, cleaner with a lasting shine

            3. Hygiene status improved, micropores filled with Si14 to stop bacteria embedding into surface pores.

            4. Low product consumption quantities 

A time saving of ca. 5 to 7 minutes per room in hotels and hospitals is established so that a person cleaning 15 rooms per day saves up to 1 to 1 ½ hours time in cleaning. Generally a better optical impression is achieved. With only 250 ml of Permanon Supershine and 250 ml Permanon Sanides an average of 100 rooms can be cleaned. Through this low product consumption vis-à-vis traditional products, the consumption costs are ca. $.60c per room for product but with considerably less labour costs of subsequent cleaning. 

In the public Swimming pool of the City of Wuppwertal, one of two identically constructed showers was treated with Permanon products, and in the following 14 days it was cleaned 50% less often. The result was that the bacteriological load was lower in the shower treated with Permanon although the shower cleaned with traditional products was cleaned twice as often. This was confirmed by sampling of the Bakteriologic-chemical institute.

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