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Universal cleaning paste removes persistent contaminations without damaging the surface.

PS Universal Cleaning Paste represents an optimum solution oriented to removal of persistent contaminations on durable and damageable surfaces.

The scented paste is best suitable for pre-cleaning of surfaces which will undergo further protective coating. 

Permanon Universal Paste allows an extra-deep cleaning and provides for an effective removal of organic contaminating agents adhered to outer and inner surfaces.

Thus product may be used when as a pre-cleaner before applying Aircraft, Allround, Pool & Spa, Boot, Yacht, Car, Matt, Truck and Solar cleaners.

Multiple Use of Universal Cleaning Paste special cleaner:
- Glossy finish;
- Faux leather;
- Polished alloy steel;
- Plastics and synthetic materials;
- Different metals;
- Stone and tiles.

PS Universal Cleaning Paste, an environmentally safe product, free of abrasive components bears no additional risks to human health and safety. This product is best suited for effective thorough cleaning and is capable of decomposing back into natural components.

Universal cleaning paste may be used for removal of the following persistent organic contaminating agents:
- Oil and grease;
- Fuel oil residue;
- Silicon compounds;
- Algae;
- Verdigris;
- Black longitudinal scratches;
- Fungus;
- Water stains;
- Ink, marker of paint traces;
- Exhaust sludge b.

Upon applying the universal paste the surface can be treated with a protective coating on the basis of Permanon Supershine products. PS universal cleaning paste may be used practically on all types of surfaces except for polycarbonate (there is a risk of rift cracking).

Easy to Use Product

Method of Application:
Apply the universal cleaning paste to a damp sponge rub the dirty surface with a circular motion. Then rinse the surface with plenty of water or wipe it with a damp cloth.

PS paste tube 250g is enough for coating an area of 125 m².

PS Paste 125g with sponge $49.50 AUD




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