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Permanon Shampoo 2 in 1 is a cleaning and daily care product which was developed specially for coloured surfaces or any coated surfaces exposed to contamination. Due to the large variety of cleaning environments, needs or purposes, different detergent characteristics were carefully selected to match each type of category to ensure maximum efficiency.

All Permanon Shampoo detergents have the double purpose of cleaning and protecting the surface. Whilst cleaning, the formation of a protective coating that is applied at the same time significantly extends the life of that surface. Moreover, all Permanon Shampoo detergents are easy to use, contain no toxic components and are biodegradable.

The application of the product allows for easy removal of any organic contaminations (fouling, fats, oils or fuel sediment) as well as any dust accumulations, wood glue, sticky farina, insect fouling and bird droppings appearing due to the environmental impact.

The difference between Permanon Shampoo 2 in 1 and Permanon Supershine is that the latter produces a higher degree of surface protection and gloss.
 Chemical free protection against:
  • UV light exposure (invisible)
  • Alkaline with pH from 1 to 11
  • Acid (except hydrofluoric acid)
  • Fresh and salt water
  • Temperatures between -40°
    and 300° C (weather resistant)
Removal of any contaminations:
  • Resistant contaminations due to the
    outside impacts, e.g. of intensive traffic
    (brake dust / exhaust fumes / scales)
  • Tree resin and organic adhesives;
  • Bird and insect droppings
  • Algae infestation, sludge residue etc. 

High capacity and efficiency of concentrated special cleaners, Permanon Supershine will reduce expenses and intervals of further cleaning procedures. Owing to its special intensive Permanon Shampoo 2 in 1 properties, you receive huge benefits in terms of the time saving treatment of the surfaces, which used to need regular cleaning and care.      

As our products are used in different fields, for further information about a certain cleaner please select a category below.




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