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Permanon Supershine Cleaners step ahead of the future.

Permanon Supershine products protect surfaces from ecological and climatic impact on surfaces. Permanon Supershine products can be used in every industrial, commercial, and personal application purpose for the care and protection of surfaces.

Due to their special properties, Permanon Supershine products can be applied to any surfaces - coloured, metal, glass, FRP, synthetics, plastic, gummy and other surfaces that are subject to outside environmental impact.

As Permanon Supershine does not contain harse chemicals and solvents, it can be used on nearly all sufaces without reactions with that surface. The Monomerous Si14 in the solution of Permanon Supershine cover the coated surface with a protective coating. Si14 molecules block the microscopic pits/pores of surfaces and, therefore, do not let in further impurities or other particles.

You will immediately feel the advantage of Supershine!

 Chemical free protection against:
  • UV light exposure (invisible)
  • Alkaline with pH from 1 to 11
  • Acid (except hydrofluoric acid)
  • Fresh and salt water
  • Temperatures between -40° 
    and 300° C (weather resistant
Removal of any contaminations:
  • Resistant contaminations due to the 
    outside impacts, e.g. of intensive traffic 
    (brake dust / exhaust fumes / scales)
  • Tree resin and organic adhesives;
  • Bird and insect droppings
  • Algae infestation, sludge residue etc

Due to the high efficiency of Permanon Supershine to resist soiling and other surface contaminants, there are huge time savings benefits that can be realised in terms of subsequent cleaning of a treated surface.

Please see below for the product that will suit your needs.



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